LEGO Skywalker Saga was kind of an overcomplicated mess, but this article has me eager for LEGO Horizon!

Fingers-crossed the photo mode has a macro or tilt-shift option!

Finally got around to watching Scavengers Reign since watching the original short a couple years ago. Binged the first three episodes but trying to slow down and savour the rest.

Who knows when we’ll get another sci-fi treat like this.

I’m excited for a remastered The Last of Us Part II, but why’s Canada excluded from the WLF Edition (again)?

I’d never heard of Squirrel Girl until i played Marvel Snap, but after reading this interview I picked up Vol. 1. Been reading it with my girls and giggling our heads off!

Had me at page one with her theme song; the footnotes & background gags are so good 😆

Taking a burnout break from VirtualPhotography then coming back to find my Instagram permanently disabled really sucked.

But InsomniacGames’ Marvel’s Spider-Man is really refreshing me! Gonna go watch a bunch of Michael Mann movies for ideas...

<hue-interpolation> is coming to CSS gradients!

Even if it does make obsolete — I’ll keep it around just for visualisation — I’m excited for all the colour features coming to CSS!