Open-source utilities, plugins, and applications I’ve built and maintain.

All of these projects were built either to scratch some itch I had at the time, or to learn a new tool or framework — often both. Open-sourced in the hopes that someone else might also find it useful or learn something from it.

gibson ipsum

A cyberpunk text generator, based on the works of William Gibson — specifically, Neuromancer. Includes an option to display Japanese words in kanji and katakana characters.


A Stylelint configuration for maintaining a sensible order of CSS properties.


An extension for Visual Studio Code that adds JSON-Template (used in Squarespace templates) language support.

Also available for the Sublime Text and Atom editors.


Typeset.css is a Sass library that provides some sensible default styles, optional classes to use & extend as needed, and some utility functions & mixins to make elevating your typography simpler.